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Sub senza frontiere

Sometimes we say to ourselves: "It's impossible!"
It would be better to say: "It's hard but we can make it! It depends on us and on the energy of the group we are part of",
...that's because when you work together with other people and share the same vision

the impossible becomes possible
and this also thanks to your help!

Last news


Sub Senza Frontiere English Version

And now also the language barriers have been broken down thanks to the English version of our site, thus allowing us to connect to anyone in the world - visit www.subsenzafrontiere.com


ORTHOPEDICS AND TRAUMATOLOGY CENTRE of Milan : presentation of the courses

In order to go on and expand the great experience we had last year, on 15th September at 8 pm we will be presenting the  projects and the courses for this year at the orthopedics and traumatology centre in Milan, via Bignami 1 together with our friends from the Associazione Paraplegici Lombardia


Dive Buddy Course

The course is scheduled for Sunday 3rd October from 9 to 6 pm. It is a special certification for divers who wish to get to know and understand more about topics like physical disabilities, how physical disabilities relate to scuba diving, how you can dive, assist and travel with people with different types of disabilities and much more.. 
for further info please write to: info@subsenzafrontiere.it

Other news

  • 25/08/2010

    Trial Scuba Dive Experience in the pool in Arcore- open to everybody

    On the 25th September from 1 pm to 7 pm a trial scuba dive experience will be carried out together with our friends of the “Club Sub Amici del Mare” to experience the emotion of breathing under the water.
    Where? At the swimming pool in Arcore - via San Martino.
    For further information please write to: info@subsenzafrontiere.it

  • 24/08/2010

    Oreno di Vimercate Potato Festival

    Next 11-12 and 18-19th of September you will find us together with our friends of the “Club Sub Amici del Mare” in a stand close to the cemetery at the famous Oreno Potato Festival.
    For further information go to :

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