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About us

The association Sub Senza Frontiere (SSF) is a non-profit organization and was founded by a group of friends who share the common love for the sea and for scuba diving. We believe scuba diving for everybody because the sensation of swimming freely underwater is a very unique, exciting and special experience approachable even to people with mental or physical disabilities.
The interest and the attention towards scuba diving for people with disabilities has begun thanks to the collaboration between a group of friends and professionals of the world of scuba diving and the Associazione Paraplegici Lombardia and the AUS Niguarda Onlus; they share the same mission of promoting scuba diving as an opportunity for people to find new means of expression and to promote physical and psychological well-being; not only through the practice of this sport, but also through the union between disabled and not disabled people. This can also help to wipe out the stereotypes that usually go hand in hand with the physical and cultural obstacles usually connected to the idea of disability. We believe the group is an important unit in society and the gathering of people together punctually allows them both to share an experience and to feel part of a network; Friendship, solidarity, support, voluntary work, determination and the pluralism of views, expressed by our members and supporters, are other important ingredients in our group philosophy.
  Our staff is highly qualified and has a consolidated multi-decennial experience, so we have the skills to organize activities like training courses, specialty courses, instructor specialty courses and refresher courses all offered guaranteeing custom-made lessons, professional teachers and a training approach to scuba dive independently in a safe and professional way.
In addition to this we organize cultural and recreational activities to enjoy our leisure time together: free movie screenings on a specific topic, conferences, holidays.
SSF is active in Italy and is working to establish a network among the association with similar interests in order to activate projects and to promote the scuba diving activities for people with disabilities. We work together with the public administration, the civil service, corporate structures and associations to improve communication, promote our activities and remove all the cultural, planning, institutional and physical obstacles preventing both the physical access to buildings by the disabled and their full integration and participation to social life.

Associazione di Promozione Sociale Sub Senza Frontiere - C.f. 94050490153 Via Correggio Allegri, 59, 20900 Monza MB
tel.: 3384834058 - 3771618216 - 3488400630
e-mail: info@subsenzafrontiere.it Url: www.subsenzafrontiere.it